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I'm doing a study on how to visualize a process of an application. Now I found the term workflow and workflow management but it's a little confusing.

When I searched further the term flowchart also showed up.

My question is now, is there any difference between the two because I see those two used in the same context.


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"A workflow" is a definition of a process for how an item of work should be done.

A flowchart is a diagram for describing a process. So a workflow can be described by a flowchart.

Perhaps it is the case that workflows are commonly described by flowcharts, that some people may use the two terms interchangably.

Does that help?

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So if you talk about workflows, you talk about a series of steps how a process should run (sum up the tasks of that process) and a flowchart is the visualization of those steps? –  Gerard Sep 15 '10 at 8:30
Pretty much yes (AFAIK). Flowcharts can be used to visualise all kinds of things. Workflows can be defined in various ways processes, business rules, forms to be filled in etc. –  Jaydee Sep 15 '10 at 10:19
This is an interesting answer (and question). We started thinking about the workflow end, and built this into our product tallyfy.com - and in fact, for actually doing steps in a process - it's possible that using a "checklist on steroids" means that you may never need a flowchart as a way of defining a workflow. –  Amit Kothari Aug 13 at 5:48

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