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HI All ,

Is there any third party API by whcih we can draw the augmented reality on the iphone i tried to use the wikitude api for drawing the AR on iphone but it is leaving the watermarks on the applications that i don need so is there any way by whcih i can use and draw the AR on iphone .


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Guess they want you to buy something... – user166390 Nov 20 '10 at 4:51
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What about this one http://www.iphonear.org/ ?

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i need to know than it will recognise all the lat / long or i have to give some specific lat/ long on which it will display the overlay on the camera view ? ie. in wikitude we can set our POI in xml on specific lat/long where we want to show our custom icons ,sounds,images .etc .what do you think ? – Ballu Sep 15 '10 at 9:29
you can look for code samples here blog.objectgraph.com/index.php/2009/04/08/… it should be few changed for iOS 4.x. Also let me know if you already have some code or you starting from zero? In most AR frameworks there are a lot of snippets how to do base functional, also most of them based on MapKit. Also there are another one good lib If you have enough experience to read the code to answer by yourself to your questions. Or in other cases let me know your goals in details and I will try to help you. Thank you. – Eugene Sep 15 '10 at 10:38
github.com/nielswh/iPhone-AR-Toolkit – Eugene Sep 15 '10 at 10:39
Eugene thanks for the reply ....... i am new to AR but i have worked upon the mapkit and the other location framework on iphone but i have no idea from where i will get point or API to put on my locations to show some overlays.Curretnly my need is as user open up the camera then according to some particular lat and long if it is near by user's current location then i have to add the overlay else i have to show some button or other element on the ui from where user can refine his search and then can find some data on the overlay ... – Ballu Sep 15 '10 at 11:40

You can use Wikitude API for augmented reality in iPhone app and for removing those watermarks in the application you will have to use their API Key which you can get by registering over here http://w4client.mobilizy.mobi/w4/jsp/keyGenerator.jsp (Direct link).

Hope this will help you to integrate Augmented Reality in your application.

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Did you check https://github.com/omeryavuz/VRToolKit for augmented reality iphone working demo?

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Look at ChattAR Location-Chat-Augmented Reality code sample. This is open source application, which is:

  1. an app;

  2. a code sample;

  3. a free and open technology which bring social interaction through Augmented Reality into your apps.

Also there is a video guide how to integrate AR features into your application.

It based on http://www.iphonear.org/

Hope this help

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I have used Mixare for ios and its free and open source library and from my personal experience this is the better option for Location based AR for ios

Link for the same is http://www.mixare.org/download/

I know its an old thread but may help someone..:)

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