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I am using this to validate a form field

$valid = $this->isUnique(array($fieldName1 => $data, $fieldName2 => 'Y'));

executing this the query is coming like this:

SELECT COUNT(*) AS count FROM users AS User WHERE ((User.emailid = ('paramita@navsoft.in')) OR (User.isdeleted = 'Y'))

I just need to change that "OR" to "AND".

Please help me!!!!

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The API documentation is always a good read:


"Returns false if any fields passed match any (by default, all if $or = false) of their matching values."


array $fields required
Field/value pairs to search (if no values specified, they are pulled from $this->data)

boolean $or optional, true
If false, all fields specified must match in order for a false return value

boolean False if any records matching any fields are found

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I have no idea why you are assigning your validation to a variable. Otherwise all your validation should be done inside your model in the validate array.

Take a look at the book, http://book.cakephp.org/view/1152/Core-Validation-Rules#isUnique-1166

If you are calling it using AJAX or similar where the model isn't being called as part of a save() you can always

  // Validation passed
  // Process validation errors, using
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