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I would like to know how I can extract the content of a specific DIV using decorators, instead of using <decorator:body /> which will fetch all the content inside the <body> tag.

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Not actually a sitemesh solution, but if you want it working really fast you can do it with jQuery with something like this $(document).ready(function() {$("#inner-div").prependTo("#content-wrapper");}); –  Jaime Hablutzel Mar 29 at 1:52

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NB Black Sensei has posted a better answer below.

I don't think this is possible. Sitemesh is a pretty basic templating system that has very few tags - five in all. There's a full list here decorator taglib

You might want to look at another templating system if you need that level of control.

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It's possible with the version 2.4.2 of sitemesh that i'm using.Found the anwser on christian grobmeier so here is my sitemesh.xml

  <property name="decorators-file" value="/WEB-INF/decorators.xml"/>
  <excludes file="${decorators-file}"/>

    <parser content-type="text/html" class="com.opensymphony.module.sitemesh.parser.HTMLPageParser"/>

    <parser content-type="text/html" class="com.opensymphony.module.sitemesh.multipass.DivExtractingPageParser"/>

    <mapper class="com.opensymphony.module.sitemesh.mapper.ConfigDecoratorMapper">
        <param name="config" value="${decorators-file}"/>

here is a snippet of my mainlayout.jsp

  <div id="container" style=" padding-top: 60px; ">
            <div id="leftbar">

                <div style="height:400px;">
                    <img src="<spring:url value='/images/Logo.png'/>" class="logo"/>

                <decorator:getProperty property="div.side-menu"/>
                <%--<decorator:body />--%>
                <decorator:getProperty property="div.top"  />
                <decorator:getProperty property="div.content"  />

snippet of home.ftl (using freemarker)

<div id="side-menu">
    <li class="current"><a href="/home">All</a></li>
      <#list genre as gen >
        <li><a href="/category?cat=${gen}">${gen}</a></li>

<div id="top">
  <ul id="slider" class="architectorSlider">
        <img src="<@spring.url '/images/slide_1.jpg'/>" alt="" class="slide-image"/>
        <img src="<@spring.url '/images/slider/timthumbf014.jpg'/>?src=<@spring.url '/images/slide_1.jpg' />&amp;w=100&amp;h=42&amp;zc=1"
             alt="" class="slide-thumbnail"/>

i hope this can get you going if it's not too late :D

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SiteMesh comes with com.opensymphony.module.sitemesh.multipass.DivExtractingPageParser. It's limited in functionality; it only extracts the divs one level below the body.

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