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I have used the telerik control in my site, when I load the page, the page loaded very slow. I check it but at runtime many webresource.axd file is made and scriptresource.axd file is made, so how to run fast telerik control and increase the site performance.

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Can you mark the correct answer please? –  Bujutsu Jun 26 at 7:58

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If you are using Telerik reports then here is a general article on boosting Telerik report performance.

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Telerik has a page on their site about how to boost their AJAX controls performance:

How the Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Controls Help You Build Better-Performing Apps Faster

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This explains why using telerik you can achieve better performances, not how to boost performance on existing telerik-using applications. –  Bujutsu Jun 26 at 8:02

If you need to boost resource generation look at this article on telerik support site.

Also consider reading this answer: Optimizing Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Controls

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