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I'm having problems with creating a Facelet Composition Control (= custom tag).

That's the component's template (numberinput.jspx). I declared the in my custom-taglib.xml.

So far the inclusion works using this code:

<ft:numberInput nullablenumber="true" cid="myId" 
                        value="#{myBean.license.myProperty }" 
                            label="My Label"/>

That's the template:

<div id="c_#{cid}"
    xmlns:c="" style="overflow:auto" >
    <ice:message for="#{cid}"></ice:message>
    <ice:outputLabel for="#{cid}">#{label }</ice:outputLabel>

        style="#{style }"   
        disabled="#{disabled }"
        binding="#{ bind}"
        <f:validator validatorId="notnull"/>    
        <f:converter converterId="nullableNumber"/>



My problems arise when I have multiple of these tags on my page. I seems like Facelets gets confused and displays only a set of these, it's really very odd.

Is there anything wrong with my code or is Facelets just as buggy as it seems?

Thanks a lot.

From my current experience I only can discourage anyone to use Facelets custom tags (at least when component binding is used).

Environment info: I'm using ICEFaces 1.8.2 and Tomcat 6

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Please elaborate "my problems". – BalusC Sep 15 '10 at 11:18
Thanks, my (rather short) elaboration was eaten by an unclosed tag ... – hugri Sep 15 '10 at 11:19
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Problem found! The reason for the problems were that I had a second ice:inputText control which was bound to the same backend bean proberty. it seems like this causes a lot of problems for JSF component tree generation.

My fault but it still would be nice if JSF gives any hints or error messages instead of just acting weird...

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