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Over the past year I've developed a sizable software package in collaboration with a few others, that we now want to license properly (lawyers, valorisation and everything). For this to work though we need to be sure no-one inadvertently supplied code licensed elsewhere, for instance by copy-pasting snippets from Open Source frameworks.

I was wondering if theres a package/server that can compare our code base to a (granted large) reference of available licensed software (GPL, MIT, Non-OSI, etc..), to find and highlight instances of licensed code used in our software.

Someone previously directed me towards

but these seem targeted to making one's own code base searchable and finding copyright notices currently present in source files, not to find snippets copy-pasted from elsewhere.

Does anyone know of such a solution?

PS: We already know which libraries we use and depend on, and what their terms and licenses are, so I'm specifically not asking for any analysis on that part: we have that covered.

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Although an interesting problem and one that seems as if it could be automated, I expect in practice it would be nearly impossible. Normally you'd have the developers formally affirm that they did no such imports, but if you are afraid of "inadvertent" import, they obviously can't affirm that. –  msw Sep 15 '10 at 11:16

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