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I have dependent and independent classes, I need to create database connections in these classes. As I understand from Qt documentation, if I create connections in default way, all of them use same connection.

Should I create different database connections for different classes, or should I use same database connection. What are pros and cons? Thanks.

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Not a Qt/MySQL specialist, but in general. Multiple connections == multiple sessions == multiple outstanding transactions in the DB (plus whatever resource overhead that has). If you do not need multiple parallel transactions, then you do not need multiple connections. – Dummy00001 Sep 15 '10 at 12:06
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I'm not sure why @Dummy00001 logged his response as a comment rather than an answer, but I concur with him. If you aren't going to be working with the database in a parallel fashion, you don't need multiple connections, and they will, in fact, be wasteful of resources both in your client library and on the server.

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