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Is there a way to customize a edit page form in Drupal depending on the menu link ? (or by passing additional parameters to the edit page url ?

i.e. I have a children "Add new product" item in both menu items "Catalog1" and "Catalog2".

I want to hide 2 different CCK fields in the product content type depending on which menu item has been clicked.

Or eventually can I pass parameters with the url ? and use these parameters in hook_form API to decide which CCK field to hide ?


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You probably want

Hiding the fields, however, is a different thing. You will need to create your own module that uses hook_form_alter to change the type of tields from text/input/select to hidden.

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It's become a bit tricky in Prepopulate 2.0. You need to do everything in #after_build. See my more specific question here:…. See my blog post where I demonstrate non-hiding nodeform tweaks based on Prepopulate here:… –  Grayside Sep 15 '10 at 23:43

You can try to hide the CCK fields too.

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I've actually solved by passing an additional php parameter from the menu item "Add Product" stating which catalog it should belong to.

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