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Using javascript how do I get the number of elements present with the id of id[x]?

Sample HTML:

<input name="vrow[0]" id="vrow[0]" value="0" type="text"/>
<input name="vrow[1]" id="vrow[1]" value="0" type="text"/>
<input name="vrow[2]" id="vrow[2]" value="0" type="text"/>
<input name="vrow[3]" id="vrow[3]" value="0" type="text"/>

The above html is generated depending on user input. How do I detect how many elements are present using javascript?

Currently I can detect presence of an element like this

Sample Javascript

var row=0;
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[] are not valid characters in ID attributes in HTML4.01. Even in HTML5, however, you should use the name attribute (without the numeric indexes), and then use getElementsByName():

<input name="vrow" value="0" type="text"/>
<input name="vrow" value="0" type="text"/>
<input name="vrow" value="0" type="text"/>
<input name="vrow" value="0" type="text"/>
var vrows = document.getElementsByName("vrow");

Note that older versions of IE and Opera may return elements with id attributes that have the same value as the name specified in getElementsByName(). IE may also return non-input elements with a name attribute that has the same value.

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FWIW, getElementsByName() isn't supported in IE or Opera. Or rather, it's supported, but not correctly: quirksmode.org/dom/w3c_core.html –  Robusto Sep 15 '10 at 12:39
thank you. basics matter. –  abel Sep 15 '10 at 12:42
@Robusto: Provided you look out for those issues, there shouldn't be any problems. Updated my answer to reflect that. –  Andy E Sep 15 '10 at 12:48
var inputTags = document.getElementsByTagName('INPUT');
var count=0;
for(var i=0;i<inputTags.length;i++)
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interesting. but i get a Object does not support this property or method. –  abel Sep 15 '10 at 12:37

If for some reason you want to stick with the names of your input elements you can use:

var inputs = Array.prototype.slice.call(document.getElementsByTagName('input'));
var rows = inputs.filter(function (el) { return el.name.indexOf('vrow[') == 0 });
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If you use a JavaScript library with a query function supporting CSS3, such as Prototype, you can use the attribute starts-with selector to find id attributes beginning with vrow[

So in Prototype this would be


NB this is untested, you might have to escape the [ in the selector

Prototype $$ function

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getElementById always returns one element (since id are unique). getElementsByName can result a list of elements.

  function getElements() {
   var elements = document.getElementsByName("vrow[]");
<body onload="getElements()">
<input name="vrow[]" id="vrow_0" value="0" type="text"/>
<input name="vrow[]" id="vrow_1" value="0" type="text"/>
<input name="vrow[]" id="vrow_2" value="0" type="text"/>
<input name="vrow[]" id="vrow_3" value="0" type="text"/>
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