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such a silly question I know, but I want to remove the filename in a string such as


To delete the extension I would do

strFile = Left(strFile, InStrRev(strFile, ".") - 1)

But doing similiar to delete the filename at the end does nothing, e.g.

tempStrFile = Left(tempStrFile, InStrRev(tempStrFile, "\") - 1)

A "\\" doesn't work either, incase it was an escape character issue.

Many thanks!

edit: for further information what I want to do is if given a filename such as "filename.txt" I want to output "output_filename.csv" - I have no problems with this.

If I get a directory though such as "blah\filename.txt" I have difficulty sticking output in the middle to get "blah\output_filename.csv"

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If I understand what you want, then your code works for me, the following code:

dim tempStrFile
tempStrFile = "blah\bleurgh\filename.txt"
tempStrFile = Left(tempStrFile, InStrRev(tempStrFile, "\") - 1)
tempStrFile = tempStrFile & "\output_filename.csv"
msgbox tempStrFile

will output blah\bleurgh\output_filename.csv which I belive is what you want.

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You're right, very sorry about that, have a star. – Thomas King Sep 15 '10 at 13:33

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