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 I am new in the netsuite.I am not know anything regarding the netsuit.I want to create a new Shoppping cart(Ecommerce site) in the netsuite.I am not able to find the steps so that i  can create a new shopping cart using the netsuite.

Please anybody provide me the full information of the netsuite so that I can start the work on the ecommerce site.

Thanks in advance........

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with such a generic question I can only give a generic answer, which is to start at the start and learn about the system you are about to work with. https://system.netsuite.com/app/help/helpcenter.nl If you have specific questions or issues, folks here can be more helpful.

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  • First, the netsuite account must have the ecommerce module.
  • Understanding of item types in Netsuite (items are integrated in ecommerce).
  • Netsuite website template, they are not the best in terms of UI design but you can always do something about it using css.
  • Of course the help guide and Netsuite usergroup is one of the best resources out there.
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