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How to control JCarousel Vertical Scroller speed?

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Nice working it very helpful post found here. Smoothly scrolling images slider i changes
in coding and give them a new look...

jQuery('#anyid').jcarousel({ scroll: 1, auto: 2, animation: 1500, wrap: 'last', initCallback: _init_carousel, buttonNextHTML: null, buttonPrevHTML: null });

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Try animation: 1600. I think this will help you.
For example:

    auto: 3,
    vertical: true,
    wrap: 'circular',
    scroll: 2,
    animation: 1600
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This really isn't a PHP question, but doing a quick google search I found the documentation on jcarousel.

doc link

Property to change it "animation".

The speed of the scroll animation as string in jQuery terms ("slow" or "fast") or milliseconds as integer (See jQuery Documentation). If set to 0, animation is turned off.

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