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Just a quick query really, In my PHP file, I have variables coming from my HTML form, like so:

$companyName = mysql_escape_string($_POST['compName']);
$AddLine1 = mysql_escape_string($_POST['add']);
$AddLine2 = mysql_escape_string($_POST['add1']);            
$AddLine3 = mysql_escape_string($_POST['add2']);

Throughout this script, I do a few select, insert statements with mysql. What I'm wondering is, is it okay to just use the mysql_escape_string once like above, or do I need to do it every time I use the variable?

Probably a really simple (or silly) question but I said I'd ask anyway.

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You can reuse your $companyName, $AddLine1, $AddLine2 etc. variables again further down your script, as those hold the escape user input. is this what you meant? –  Greg K Sep 15 '10 at 13:24

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Once is sufficient, $AddLine1-3 now holds "Safe" values

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That's great, thank you. I will accept this as the correct answer once I'm able to. –  109221793 Sep 15 '10 at 13:25

Yes, it is enough to do it once. Plus, if $_POST['val'] should be integer, you can do (int) $_POST['val'] and it will be totally safe too.

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You might want to check out PHP.NET. They state that:


has been deprecated and should be replaced with :




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@Maekins, thanks for that, I will check it out. Seems to be working fine so far anyway but good to know for the future! –  109221793 Sep 15 '10 at 13:39

You you working with standart php functions so you can use mysql_escape_string only then you need work with database queries.

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