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I am trying to make little photo gallery with help of model view. But when I click on photo model views opens and shows photo but also it deletes it from photo gallery.I used append to create on model viev user information.

 <div class="userList">
<div class="user" href="#?w=500" rel="popup_name"> <img src="style/images/category/1.jpg" /></div>
<div class="user" href="#?w=500" rel="popup_name"> <img src="style/images/category/2.jpg" /></div>
<div class="user" href="#?w=500" rel="popup_name"> <img src="style/images/category/3.jpg" /></div>

<div id="popup_name" class="popup_block">

    <div id="userPhoto"></div>
    <div id="description"></div>

this is my .js file


    $(".userList").children().each(function(idy) {

        var $this =$(this);

    $(this).hover(function () {
            var $this   = $(this);
            },function () {
            var $this   = $(this);

             var $theImage   = $(this);

        var popID = $(this).attr('rel'); 
        var popURL = $(this).attr('href'); 

        var query= popURL.split('?');
        var dim= query[1].split('&');
        var popWidth = dim[0].split('=')[1]; 

        //Fade in the Popup and add close button
        $('#' + popID).fadeIn().css({ 'width': Number( popWidth ) }).prepend('<a href="#" class="close"><img src="style/images/logo.png" class="btn_close" title="Close Window" alt="Close" /></a>');


        var popMargTop = ($('#' + popID).height() + 80) / 2;
        var popMargLeft = ($('#' + popID).width() + 80) / 2;

        $('#' + popID).css({
            'margin-top' : -popMargTop,
            'margin-left' : -popMargLeft

        $('body').append('<div id="fade"></div>');
        $('#fade').css({'filter' : 'alpha(opacity=80)'}).fadeIn();

        return false;

     $('#popup_name > img').live('click',function(){
                $this = $(this);



    $('a.close, #fade').live('click', function() {
        $('#fade , .popup_block').fadeOut(function() {
            $('#fade, a.close').remove(); 

        return false;

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Calling .append() in your situation will actually move the image, which is what you're seeing with this:


Instead you want to append a copy, so use .clone() or .clone(true) here (since there are event handlers bound), like this:


If you do want the behavior from that .hover() call in the #popup_name copy, use .clone(true), but I assumed you didn't want that here.

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is there any way to get only image and information from <div> element instead of appending or clone? I will use lots of picture and cloning all of them will cause slow down ? – Ercan Sep 15 '10 at 15:21
@Meko - If you want a copy (not removing the original) you'll need to clone...but are you intending to only show one at a time? You would need to clone a lot of elements to see a performance impact. – Nick Craver Sep 15 '10 at 15:24
but now if adds new element to my model view each time when I click on item. – Ercan Sep 15 '10 at 18:09

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