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I am using dozer to map bean properties. The way I do it is :, destClass). This returns entire mapped class. However, Is there a way to get what individual property is mapped to? E.g if SourceClass has propA, is there a simple way to get the corresponding property in DestClass to which propA is mapped to?

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I want to avoid parsing the mapping xml in my code here :) – missionE46 Sep 15 '10 at 15:40
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Dozer doesn't expose its mapping info publicly. You might want to check out ModelMapper which provides an SPI that allows you to read mappings:

ModelMapper modelMapper = new ModelMapper();
List<Mapping> mappings = modelMapper.createTypeMap(Source.class, Dest.class).getMappings();

You can read more in the docs for the mapping interface or check out some general examples and docs at the project site:

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