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Hey folks, I'm wanting to write some rudimentary support for detecting hyperlinks in a WPF RichTextBox control. My plan is to use a regex to identify any links and then manually replace them with real hyperlink objects.

However the part I am having trouble with is getting the correct textpointers, etc. once I find a link. For example, I can flatten the entire document to a text string and find links, but once I do that how can I get the proper pointer to the block that needs url-ifying?

Perhaps a better approach would be to iterate over blocks in the document, assuming a url would not span multiple blocks, however even then I have very little experience working with the RichTextBox/FlowDocument object model so any pointers (pun intended) would be helpful. Thanks!

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I think you might find this useful:


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I do remember seeing that article. The implementation is extremely basic and not reusable, but it does give some insight into how a proper implementation might work. –  devios Jul 6 '11 at 15:07

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