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Is it possible to get clustering in Solr querying via SolrNet? using built-in algos. like Carrot2 etc.? Can anyone share some sample code or tips to proceed?

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No, Solr clustering is not currently implemented in SolrNet. It doesn't seem to be hard to implement though. Here's an outline of what it would take:

  • Model the Solr response for clusters as a class (e.g. ClusteringResult). For example, StatsResult models the response for the StatsComponent.
  • Add a property for ClusteringResult in ISolrQueryResults<T> and SolrQueryResults<T>
  • Implement a ISolrResponseParser<T> to parse the part of Solr XML response with the clustering information and load a ClusteringResult object. See other response parsers for reference.
  • Register the response parser in the built-in container, the Ninject module, the Windsor facility and the StructureMap registry.
  • Model the parameters involved in the query as a class (e.g. ClusteringParameters). This would include a property to mirror carrot.algorithm, another for carrot.url, etc.
  • Add a property for ClusteringParameters in QueryOptions.
  • Serialize this ClusteringParameters to querystring parameters in SolrQueryExecuter.

And of course, unit tests for everything. Ideally, also an integration test.

Then send me a pull request ;-)

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just registered an enhancement request about this: – Mauricio Scheffer Sep 15 '10 at 17:05
Thanks much. Will try and help where I can and add my 2c to your excellent effort. – Mikos Sep 16 '10 at 12:38

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