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When redeploying applications in Tomcat/Glassfish/JBoss/etc it is easy to cause a classloader leak by keeping a reference to an instance from a previous classloader. Jevgeni Kabanov discusses this issue here...

Has anybody found a good way to harness automated testing (ie: via junit) to test that redeploying your web application does not cause memory leaks? I have been wondering if perhaps using embedded Jetty would make it easy to write a junit test that re-deploys your application over and over and over again.

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I would consider having a look at a custom classloader for a Jetty instance, with a finalizer which tells you that it is being garbage collected, and then explicitly - through visualvm or so - tell HotSpot to garbage collect so the finalizer will be run if there is no leak.

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You may take a look at the memory leak detection features of Tomcat, especially since version 7.

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