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I'm pulling my hair out on this one having been round and round on the JS, ActionScript and REST documentation/forums with no joy, hopefully someone can help me out.


The application has an event which it has created (has permissions for). According to the facebook documentation for events.invite (old rest api):

This method does not require a session key. However, if you call this method without an active user session, then you can invite only your application users to events that were created through your application.

This second statement is exactly what I want to achieve, I want to authenticate as the application in an iFrame canvas. There is reference to "Authenticate as an Application" in the authentication documentation, however this refers to the new OpenGraph and OAuth methods.

Anybody any ideas? FB.init(api, reciever); Seems to always authenticate as the user, and not the app.

Many thanks in advance

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Do you HAVE to use the old Javascript SDK? You can use the old REST API still but why keep using the old Javscript SDK? – BeRecursive Sep 16 '10 at 15:09
This is a possibility yes, I will investigate using FB.api({method:"events.invite",eid:"eventid",uids:[user]}, callback); and let you know how it goes, thanks, upvoted :) – enzuguri Sep 17 '10 at 1:22

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