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I have a file that is located at a different path at development time, however at the time of release it will be in a different location. The title of the documentation, after being generated, is set to the development path. Is it possible to manually set the path of the filename?

What I mean about title: The structure of the documented source file is: \File\Path\Filename.cpp [Title] Function prototypes … (other documented aspects)

For example the file is located at c:\Code\Dev\Filename.cpp during development and during release it is located at c:\SuperFantasticApplication\Code\Filename.cpp.

I’ve tried adding a parameter after the filename at the top of the file (\file [name I want it to be]). However, that does not work.

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There's an option in Doxygen to turn of using full path names in the documentation. Inside your Doxygen configuration file set FULL_PATH_NAMES to NO.

Here's what the documentation says about it:

If the FULL_PATH_NAMES tag is set to YES doxygen will prepend the full path before files name in the file list and in the header files. If set to NO the shortest path that makes the file name unique will be used

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