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Why does this line work

$('#body-image').css("background-image", 'url('+ backgroundimage +')');

but not this one

$('#body-image').css("background-image", 'url('backgroundimage')');

or this one

$('#body-image').css("background-image", 'url(backgroundimage)');
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This is not related to jQuery, but just to basic JavaScript (so jQuery in tag and title is inappropriate). It's in this particular case the string concatenation operator. – BalusC Sep 15 '10 at 20:07
Look at the syntax highlighting that SO provides. It's pretty telling. – Matt Ball Sep 15 '10 at 20:10
Thanks for all the comments. I think I get it. You have to concatenate the variable into an existing string even though its undefined. Makes sense, and yeah I understand why the last example doesn't work now. Very helpful comments. – Chamilyan Sep 15 '10 at 20:22
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backgroundimage is a JavaScript variable. The concatenation operator in JavaScript is +, so to put a string together with a variable, you do 'some string ' + someVariable. Without the +'s, JavaScript wouldn't know what to do with your variable (and in your third example, wouldn't even know that it was a variable).

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You need to concat the string with the variable backgroundimage. So you use "+" for this.

That's why this doesn't work.

$('#body-image').css("background-image", 'url('backgroundimage')');

And the secont doesn't work because there is no image called 'backgroundimage'.

$('#body-image').css("background-image", 'url(backgroundimage)');
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Because you are building a string. You are missing the line where backgroundimage gets a value:

 var backgroundimage = "someimage.gif";
 $('#body-image').css("background-image", 'url('+ backgroundimage +')');  


 $('#body-image').css("background-image", 'url(someimage.gif)');  
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it's concatenating the string. let's say backgroundimage is 'foo.jpg, then

'url('+backgroundimage+')'  =  'url(foo.jpg)'
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In JavaScript, a string literal (i.e., "I am a string") is actually treated like a String object (though, strictly speaking, it isn't - see the MDC documentation - but we can ignore the difference at this level). The following two lines are equivalent:

var letters = "ABC", numbers = "123";
var letters = new String("ABC"), numbers = new String("123");

Strings are concatenated using either the + operator or the String.concat method, either of which join 2 or more strings in a left-to-right order and return the result. So in order to get "ABC123", we can do any of the following:

"ABC" + "123"
"ABC" + numbers
letters + "123"
letters + numbers

but not:


which are all, effectively, the same thing that you were trying to do in your examples.

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