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Could you tell me how to setup simplecov to test models with rspec and controller with cucumber only? I don't like it that rspec and cucumber coverage are mixed together...

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SimpleCov.coverage_dir ‘coverage’

This will allow you to set the directory where the coverage information will go. So one way to configure it will be to put

if RUBY_VERSION > "1.9"
  require 'simplecov'
  SimpleCov.start 'rails'
  SimpleCov.coverage_dir 'coverage/rspec'

inside of your test_helper, and

if RUBY_VERSION > "1.9"
  require 'simplecov'
  SimpleCov.start 'rails'
  SimpleCov.coverage_dir 'coverage/cucumber'

inside of features/support/env.rb

That should separate them. You probably also want to make sure to run the tests separately so that it doesn't merge them.

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Yeah, found the solution myself... But this is the way it works like I asked. Thanks! – Lichtamberg Oct 9 '10 at 23:41
In recent versions of simplecov, you shouldn't need the if RUBY_VERSION-wrapping - simplecov should not launch when on 1.8 / JRuby – TheDeadSerious Mar 4 '11 at 6:41
And it is required if i start simplecov from .simplecov file? – Gabor Garami Feb 20 '12 at 17:34

Hmmm... no answer.. my solution was to remove the require line from one of the test-frameworks and run the test separately...

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