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We transferred our existing website which is running on a Server 2003 machine using iis6 and coded with classic asp to a Server 2008 64 bit machine using iis7 and classic asp. The only changes to the pages were for our calls to a Universe db, which need a new connection string . We tested all the pages within the department running 4-5 users and all went well. When we made it live for everyone (between 40 and 100 users) users were losing their session variables some immediately and others after 3 minutes.

Is there a setting in iis7 that could be throttling the amout of memory allotted for session variables? Or does anyone have any other ideas as to what may be happening. Thank you.

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I had this same problem and apparently resolved by changing the application pool to Classic. NET AppPool, not yet tested my entire application, but apparently resolved

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I can't test it here and now, but if I remember correctly you have to give the asp application it's own application pool (see the appropriate section in the IIS settings).

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@tjsimmons Any news on this ? – Edelcom Sep 21 '10 at 15:54
Yeah, completely forgot this asked here. It turns out the driver we were using to talk to UniVerse was 32-bit, and crashing under the load of the users on the 64-bit server, and due to the crashes the app pool was restarting itself. – tjsimmons Oct 4 '10 at 15:30
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Bad driver; crashing on 64-bit OS.

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