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I have a bit of data that I want to use to build a form's select field. The JS that generates the form (it's part of the jqgrid plugin) is in the view. How do I get the data from the controller into the javascript so I can use it?

To just get something working I tried the following...

In the controller I created an action to return some sample data:

public function testAction()
        $a = "0:Select";
        return Zend_Json::encode($a);

In the view I make an ajax call to that action:

 var testselect = $.ajax({
     url: '/admin/sites/test',
     dataType: "json",
     complete: function(data) {

And this returns an XMLHTTPRequest object that contains, in part:


Shouldn't the responseText be whatever was returned by the call to /admin/sites/test?

In my mind this is what is happening:

  1. the view makes an ajax request to the test action of the sites controller in the admin module
  2. the test action JSON encodes the contents of $a and returns it
  3. the complete callback function of testselect logs the result to the console and should have the contents of $a in the responseText.

Where am I misunderstanding this? Is there a better way to do this? Like, could the controller pass the needed data to the view object and then I somehow access that in the javascript (though how, without making an ajax request or putting the data into some superglobal like $_SESSION I don't know)?

Any help is appreciated.

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there's actually never any return:ing values from actions in ZF. There's only modifying (anything really but mostly) the view and its variables, i.e. what you did with the viewRenderer. –  chelmertz Sep 15 '10 at 22:25

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Try this:

public function testAction() {
  $data = array('firstname' => 'Benny', 'surname' => 'Hill');

See the section about the json action helper in the documentation.

You could also read up on the section about the action helpers ContextSwitch and AjaxContext

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Thanks for those links. Just what I needed! And I approve of the Benny Hill reference. –  Lothar Sep 15 '10 at 23:55

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