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Why this isn't true?

$('#myId') == document.getElementById("myId")

I'm using JQuery 1.4.2 and trying to insert a GMap into an div element.

So, this works:

new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("myId"),myOptions);

but this doesn't

new google.maps.Map($("myId"),myOptions);
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You have a couple issues. First, ID selectors use #. Second, $(...) is a jQuery object, and you need to pass a DOM element.

Use $('#myId').get(0)

The get method.

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It doesn't work because the google.maps.Map() constructor expects a a DOM element, while the jQuery selector returns a jQuery object.

You may want to use:

new google.maps.Map($("#myId")[0], myOptions);

Further reading:

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$('#myId') creates a jQuery selection, while GMap requires a DOM element. You can convert the jQuery selection into a DOM element by using the $().get function:

new google.maps.Map($("#myId").get(0), myOptions);
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