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hello i have an error with the following code: in my h file i got the following vector:

vector<Vehicale*> m_vehicalesVector;

and in my cpp file i got the following function:

void Adjutancy:: AddVehicale(const Vehicale* vehicaleToAdd)

seems like the const Vehicale* vehicaleToAdd is making the problem when i change it to a non const variable it works. thanks in advance.

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I can't read your post. – Crazy Eddie Sep 15 '10 at 23:46
i understood my mistake... i should have define the vector like this vector<const Vehicale*> m_vehicalesVector; – Nadav Stern Sep 15 '10 at 23:49
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m_vehicalesVector.push_back() needs Vchicale* as its parameter, while const Vehicale* is given. Compiler denies this because const cannot be removed silently.

Change vector<Vehicale*> m_vehicalesVector to vector<const Vehicale*> m_vehicalesVector can solve this problem.

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You can't store a const pointer into a vector of non-const pointers since you could then use the non-const pointer to modify the object pointed to by the const pointer.

You can make it a vector of const pointers:

vector<const Vehicle*> m_vehiclesVector;

or pass in a non-const pointer.

You could also cast away const-ness:

m_vehiclesVector.push_back(const_cast<Vehicle *>(vehicleToAdd));

but I would strongly discourage that approach.

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