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I'm working on a class extending SimpleXMLElement:

class MyXML extends SimpleXMLElement {
    public function cdata($text) {
        $node = dom_import_simplexml($this);
        $owner = $node->ownerDocument;
        return $this;

Since it's an SimpleXMLElement, I can dynamically create XML nodes inside it:

$xml = new MyXML('<foo/>');
$xml->bar = 'Test';
print $xml->asXML(); // <foo><bar>Test</bar></foo>

But when I try to run this:

$xml = new MyXML('<foo/>');

I get:

Warning: dom_import_simplexml(): Invalid Nodetype to import in [..]

However, if I force the SimpleXMLElement node to be created before running cdata(), it works again:

$xml = new MyXML('<foo/>');
$xml->bar = '';
print $xml->asXML(); // <foo><bar><![CDATA[Test]]></bar></foo>

I'm curious if what I found is a bug, and if there is any way to work around it without "priming" the node first.

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Well, I can certainly reproduce it, and calling $this->asXML() inside cdata() will yield false, and $this->getName() an empty string. Seems the node is not 'finished' at that time, namely the link to the parent element. For instance, the built-in method $xml->foo->addAttribute('a','b'); would also fail. More a (very reasonable) feature request then an actual bug IMHO. – Wrikken Sep 16 '10 at 0:41
Thank you, with $this->getName() I can at least detect the problematic situation. – Pies Sep 16 '10 at 2:41

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