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If i extend a static class in PHP, and the parent class refers to "self::", will this refer to the self in the extended class?

So, for example

Class A
    static $var  
    public static function guess(){self::$var = rand(); return $var}

Class B extends Class A
    public static function getVar(){return self::$var}

If I ran B::guess(); then B::getVar();

is the value for Var stored in A::$var or B::$var?

Thank you.

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It's easy to test:

class ClassA {
    public static function test(){ self::getVar(); }
    public static function getVar(){ echo 'A'; }

class ClassB extends ClassA {
    public static function getVar(){ echo 'B'; }

ClassA::test(); // prints 'A'

ClassB::test(); // also prints 'A'

... hope that helps :)

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Late static binding was introduced in PHP 5.3, it allows you to control this behavior.

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