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how to move 2d objects around in opengl? what is the mechanism, e.g, do we need to control frames or what?

some code segment is welcomed :)

thanks in advance!

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depends what kind of animation you need - I would consider simple moving-objects-around-like animation as a vector of transfomations, where each element stores transformation for corresponding frame, and all you need is to multiply it by proper ProjectionModelviewMatrix. If you wanted to achieve more fancy effect than simple moving object, you could always change its texture each frame of animation: all you need is to deal with things called sprite sheets and instead of changing transformation change texture coordinates per vertex. –  erjot Sep 16 '10 at 9:09

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The short answer is that you can move an object by modifying the modelview matrix. This can be done in several ways and it depends on your coding preferences and which version of opengl drivers you have available.

Here's some partial code to get you started in the right direction:

The following is deprecated in Opengl 3.0+ (but even then it is still available via the compatibility profile).

// you'll need a game loop to make some opengl calls each frame
    // clear color buffers, depth buffers, etc

        glTranslatef(obj->getX(), obj->getY(), obj->getZ());

    // move the object 0.01 units to the left each tick
    obj->setX(obj->getX() + 0.01);

    // flush, swap buffers, etc

For OpenGL 3.0 and beyond, glPushMatrixf(), glPopMatrixf(), glTranslatef(), and similar fixed function pipeline interface is all deprecated. If you need to using OpenGL 3.0 or greater, you'll want to do the same type of solution but you'll need your own implementation of matricies and a matrix stack. I think that discussion is beyond the scope of your question.

For further reading, and to get started with OpenGL, I'd recommend you check out nehe.gamedev.net. If you would like to get started with OpenGL 3.X, then I'd recommend purchasing the Opengl Superbible 5th Edition. Great book!

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OpenGL just passes vertex data though some transform matrices and rasterizes the result. Anything higher level than that you have to provide yourself.

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