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I would like store some configuration data in a config file. Here's a sample section:


Is it possible to read this into a list of tuples using the ConfigParser module? If not, what do I use?

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Can you change the separator from comma (,) to a semicolon (:) or use the equals (=) sign? In that case ConfigParser will automatically do it for you.

For e.g. I parsed your sample data after changing the comma to equals:

# urls.cfg

# Scriptlet
import ConfigParser
filepath = '/home/me/urls.cfg'

config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()

print config.items('URLs') # Returns a list of tuples.
# [('hotmail', ''), ('google', ''), ('yahoo', '')]
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import ConfigParser

config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
config.set('URLs', 'Google', '')
config.set('URLs', 'Yahoo', '')

with open('example.cfg', 'wb') as configfile:
# [('google', ''), ('yahoo', '')]

The documentation mentions:

The ConfigParser module has been renamed to configparser in Python 3.0. The 2to3 tool will automatically adapt imports when converting your sources to 3.0.

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