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#read the input parameters
set cmd1 [lindex $argv 0];
set cmd2 [lindex $argv 1];
set usr [lindex $argv 2]; 
set pwd [lindex $argv 3];
set ip [lindex $argv 4];

#sftp to specified host and send the files
spawn ssh $ip
            send "$pwd\r"
                 send "ls -l\r"
                 set timeout -1
                 send "quit\r"
                 expect eof
                 exit 0
# timed out
puts "\nError connecting to server: $ip, user: $usr and password: $pwd!\n"
exit 1

Hi, Im new to perl scripting.. read through books and through net, i have developed a above coding named first.pl..... when i run, i got..

$ ./first.pl ssh -l user password ipaddress
./first.pl[9]: spawn: not found

help me to proceed.... Thanks a lot

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@Saranya - the code you've posted is not Perl - it looks like expect. – martin clayton Sep 16 '10 at 6:54
It is Expect code (which is based on Tcl). But the first line should be pointing to your expect executable, eg. #!/usr/bin/expect not just #!/usr/bin – Colin Macleod Sep 16 '10 at 7:17

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