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I've found a similar project here: . However, I'm working on C# and need to use a naive Bayesian Classifier that is open source in the same language. Unless someone can shed light on how I can utilize a python Bayesian Classifier to achieve the same goals. Any ideas?

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You could go the out of process route to access the Python library - not pretty - but something. (You could also look into IronPython as a possibility.) – Norman H Dec 22 '14 at 21:34

I successfully used the code from this CodeProject article in a project a few years ago and it's still working beautifully with ~99% accuracy.

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How did you use that Bayesian classifier? I'm following the instructions but a little loss. – youngscientist Sep 25 '10 at 15:21

If you don't strictly need naive Bayes, I would suggest libshogun. It has a huge number of high-quality classifiers, and it apparently has been successfully built for win32 on cygwin. After that's built you can just p/invoke to the DLLs from C#. I think you will find it difficult to find a classifier library written in C# due to the often performance-heavy nature of classification, so your best bet is to call a native library such as this.

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