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Imagine you have a query that looks like this.

alt text

and it returns all the items whose title contains the string "fixed". However, I'd like to refilter the results further - for example, searching for another string in the title (ex. ListBox). Is it possible to do that without modifying editing the query and adding another And clause? I need something quick - like pressing for example CTRL + F and typing the string I need to find in the results of a query.

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Another great option here is the integration with Excel. Just connect to TFS through the "Team" tab, and run your query. You can then use the built-in Excel filtering and sorting tools as you need to, make changes, and re-publish them to the TFS server.

We use this functionality extensively.

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Integration with Excel does the job perfectly...Thanks – Kiril Stanoev Sep 16 '10 at 12:58

Did you check out the Search Work Items for TFS 2010 from VS Code Gallery?

This extension creates a search box in a Visual Studio 2010 toolbar and Team menu which is used to pull up a work item directly by its ID or search through work items based on text entered.

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This extension searches globally through all work items in TFS though, not in current query results. This makes it not very useful. – jirkamat Sep 16 '13 at 11:48

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