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I have just started using 0xlab's android port. I have been successfully able to create the file system and have been able to flash it as well. However, I have 2 questions to ask: 1) How do I create a ramdisk image and what should be the bootargs given at the uboot prompt for this. (I tried using ramdisk.img created in out/target/beagleboard/ but then the kernel just does not boot when I use it. Can any one help me out with this ? 2) How do I make my module part of the file system image. I have my own driver, which I want to install after kernel boot up. What is the procedure to ensure this module is part of the android.ubi image?

Someone please help me out with this. I have to get my module up and running but because I don't know how to make my module part of the ramdisk image/android.ubi, I am not able to proceed further. I am hopeful someone witll help me here.

Thanks a lot!

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The generated "ramdisk.img" is not required for booting. Instead, you should obly care about Linux kernel image and android image (system.img). Please check wiki pages carefully.

Also, you can describe your own prebuilt kernel modules in file "Android.mk". Example: http://gitorious.org/0xdroid/packages_apps_demo-apks/blobs/beagle-donut/Android.mk

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