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I've setup a reverse ssh tunnel, using PuTTY, to allow me to VNC into a home computer without having to enable NAT port forwarding. Works great, no problem.

I would like to set the tunnel up as a "persistent service" that will connect on boot up and reconnect when dropped. PS. this is on Windows.

Exhaustive googling found a few products but many seem to have been abandoned and none appear to have major "street cred."

Does anyone have experience with this type of thing or with any of these products? I don't need all the bells and whistles, just reliability.

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this question is substantially similar:… – Colin Pickard Dec 16 '08 at 20:24

wikipedia's comparison of ssh clients has columns for tunnelling, SOCKS etc. may help you find something suitable

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Have you considered using plink and making it a service with srvany?

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I agree Igal. A good, short and to-the-point tutorial can be found at… – kanngard Sep 9 '09 at 22:16

Use plink from PuTTY and run in a batch file. When connection really dies, plink will exit, which means that you can run plink in a loop.

Like this:

  :: This is a batch file. Save with file name: plink_forever.bat
  plink saved_session_name
  goto restart

And finally wrap that with srvany to get it to start on logon.

Or maybe easier: put the .bat in windows scheduler and set to run once on every boot.


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you can just set-up any application to start with windows and auto-connect your tunnel on startup. I personnally use Easytunnel... just checked the option to connect all tunnels on startup, and set-up windows to start Easytunnel on bootup. It works great, tho you'll need to set-up your server's inactivity timeout, or you will be disconnected every 10 minutes or so.

Hope you get it working!

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