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I am trying to write a thesis on cloud computing. I read a lot about it but I do not know on which area to focus. However I have experience mainly in database, system analysis and mobile programming, mainly iphone.

Can you kindly suggest me specific area in cloud computing so that I can focus on.

Can u kindly help me?

Many thanks and best regards.

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You should talk to somebody at your university. Look up who has knowledge about this and set up a meeting. –  Sjoerd Sep 16 '10 at 8:08
I second @Sjoerd's suggestion. I'd go further still -- you'd be a fool to take advice from SO on this. There are a lot of idiots, ignorami, fools and trolls here who will provide misleading, ill-informed and just plain wrong advice, especially for questions such as this which have no crisp, clear answer. There are also a lot of knowledgeable, helpful and reasonable people who will provide good advice. But you don't have the knowledge (and possibly not the time either) to dig the pearls out of the mud. Speak to your teachers, that's what they are for. –  High Performance Mark Sep 16 '10 at 8:40

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A thesis on cloud computing? A possibility is to take a look at the Openstack project run by Rackspace, NASA et al and contributed to by other tech industry alumni. It's both a storage and application tier project (Swift = storage and Nova = compute). In the very least, it provides an open source platform against which to gauge 'the cloud'. All code is written in Python too, and neatly documented. http://www.openstack.org

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