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Help me please. This thing drive me crazy. It really should be a simple solution but I can't find it, even with Googling.

I have a subreport that display deposit transaction banking statement from account (customer).

This subreport will be accessed through main report that loop all accounts in one branch, so it's like a batch report processing for all customer in a branch. Rendered to pdf and distributed to all our branches.

Since I know that subreports header footer won't work on main report, I decide to move the subreport header into subreport table header and make it looks like it was a report header. But this is one problem I can't solve: there is address box that should only visible on first page for each customer, along with the other header that always visible.

And this will be printed on pre-printed paper, so I cant make the address box outside the other header since the report would be shrunk, without the address box, at page 2 and the rest of the pages from each customer, which will make the table header and the content go up and the positions will not match with our pre-printed paper borders anymore.

What am I supposed to do? Please help, I've been searching andn trying for 3 days and can't find any working solution.


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Can you clarify what you are trying to achieve? For example, do you want to leave a clear space the same size as the address box on pages 2 onwards, for each customer? –  Mark Bannister Sep 16 '10 at 11:07

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yes. the address box is only at first page for each customer since it is for posting address. i cant tolerate address box in each pages of each customer because it would be very awkward. and i have to maintain the space on page 2 onwards so the report don't collapse (header going up of the paper) and not match with our already-printed (already have company logo and borders) papers.

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I suggest:

  1. Set the subreport table header row property RepeatOnNewPage to be True (in the Properties window).
  2. Set the subreport table header cells Visibility>Hidden property for the address box cells to be a formula that evaluates to False for the first page, and True for all subsequent pages, such as:

    If PageNumber = 1 Then False Else True

This should ensure that the table header is printed on every page, with a blank section the size of the address box included on all pages after the first page.

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@user449223: see the edited version of the answer. –  Mark Bannister Sep 24 '10 at 16:06

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