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This is not a jquery question.

I want to create a callback function...so users would use it like so:

myfunc.init('id',{option1: val, option2: val2}, function() {

//in here users can now call methods of myfunc 


How do I do this within my code. OS once I know my script is ready I want to be able to somehow call this anonymous function.

Hope this makes sense. I often don't.

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You can write i t like this:

var myfunc.init(id, options, callbackFunction){

//do whatever you want with id & options



This will first run everything you want in your init function then run the function supplied as the callback parameter

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Of course, I was over-complicating it in my head –  Mike Rifgin Sep 16 '10 at 12:07

Something like this:

var myfunc.init = function(id, options, func) {
    // call func somewhere at some point

Usually callbacks are used because you want to call it at some point at time which is unknown (asynch)... like for example when an AJAX request is complete:

var myfunc.init = function(id, options, func) {
    myAjaxRequest("url.com", function() { 
        // call the func at this point in time
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THanks, I'm waiting for the youtube api to tell me the player is ready. When it is then I want to allow the user to cue new videos/shift playback head etc. –  Mike Rifgin Sep 16 '10 at 12:08

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