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I want a regular expression for javascript to validate host address like
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That's nice for you, is there a question in there? Have you tried regexlib.com? –  Lazarus Sep 16 '10 at 12:27
@Lazarus: +1 We have thougth the same –  Tomas Narros Sep 16 '10 at 12:30

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Have you tried looking for it at Regular Expression Library?

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This puts a valid numeric IP address in $1:


If you don't care about validation, you can use \d{1,3}\. for the numbers that precede a period and \d{1,3} for the last one. This will run faster.

For the "www" URLs, this will put the URL in $1:


Am using documentation here:


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This block of code will decompose the url

var fields = url.match( /(.*)[:/]{3}([^:/]+)[:]?([^/]*)([^?]*)[?]?(.*)/ );
if(fields === null){
    throw new Error('bar url');
var protocol = fields[1];
var host = fields[2];
var port = fields[3];
var path = fields[4];
var query = fields[5];

So if you get into the if, means that url is a bad composed url

Hope it helps

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