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I want to import and compile FBReaderJ on eclipse. I have downloaded the latest source code from their website. Is it necessary to install NDK and cygwin for compiling FBRreaderJ. If you can suggest me any tutorial OR helpful link.


OS – Windows vista
Eclipse – [Helios 3.6]
Android OS – 1.6

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In the HowToBuild text file in the root dir, it gives instructions. It mentions the requirements:

  • Android SDK >= 1.6
  • Android NDK >= r4b
  • Apache Ant >= 1.7.0
  • python

And since the NDK requires cygwin 1.7 on Windows, it looks like you'll have some downloading to do.

So yes, you need the NDK, Cygwin, and Python

The text file also gives build instructions:

EDIT new instructions:

To build:

  1. Create '' file containing sdk.dir && ndk.dir definitions: sdk.dir= ndk.dir= E.g., on my computer '' consists of 2 lines: sdk.dir=/Users/geometer/android-sdk-mac_86

  2. If you use Linux or MacOS, just run 'ant package' and go to step 3. For debugging purposes, you might want to run 'ant dbg' for building the package in debug mode, signing with your debug key (in this case, you can skip step 3).

If you are Windows user 2a. Run ndk-build (a program from Android NDK directory) in your project catalog; This program only runs from Cygwin >= 1.7, please read NDK docs for details. Read and try config cygwin using 'cygwin_installation_and_configuration.pdf' 2b. Run 'ant release'.

  1. Sign your package manually.
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What is and where is ?! – Mr.Hyde Jun 21 '15 at 8:17
Since I posted this answer, they've changed their instructions and have removed any reference to that script. Check out the updated instructions on their github – Marc Jun 23 '15 at 11:49

To make FBReaderJ working you can refer to the following link: it tells you all about how to download and intstall cygwin. There is highest possibility of getting error: "NDK command not found". In that case refer to this link::

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