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My friend is learning Norwegian and i want to make a global hot key program which sends keys such as


My problem is that keybd_event function wont allow me to send those keys, i seem to be restricted to the virtual key codes is there another function that i could use or some trick to sending them?

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You have to use SendInput instead. keybd_event does not support sending such characters (except if they are already in the current codepage, like on Norwegian computers). A bit of sample code to send an å:

INPUT Input={0};

// down
kb.wScan = 0x00c5;
Input.type = INPUT_KEYBOARD;
Input.ki = kb;

// up
kb.wScan = 0x00c5;
Input.type = INPUT_KEYBOARD;
Input.ki = kb;

In case you didn't know: it is easy to install additional keyboard layouts on Windows and switch between them with a shortcut.

Lykke til!

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Thanks! works perfectly, i tried this method once before but I put the wScan as 'æ' and it didn't work... i thought it would convert it to hex for me :P thanks again! –  Kaije Sep 16 '10 at 18:25
Ah, noticed if you say wScan = _T('æ'); or L'æ'; that works too, just don't have to figure out the hex code for it. –  Kaije Sep 16 '10 at 20:21

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