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I have a ScrollViewer and very "long" content in it. I wrote a class that inherits from DocumentPaginator, but I don't understand how do I create a "frame" for every part of this Visual? I mean, how do I "look" at the next page of the control? I tried this, but with no success:

    public override DocumentPage GetPage(int pageNumber)
        double left = pageNumber * pageSize.Width;
        Point pt = new Point(left, 0);

        visual.RenderTransform = Transform.Identity;
        visual.RenderTransform = new TranslateTransform(-left, 0);

        visual.Arrange(new Rect(visual.DesiredSize));

        DocumentPage page = new DocumentPage(visual);
        return page;

With this code I get first page as it should be, second page is exactly like first, and all the rest pages are blank.

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DocumentPaginator is pretty tricky. Here are a few steps that helped me correctly estimate page sizes and ensure that no blank pages come:

Override the two properties IsPageCountValid and PageCount as:

    public override bool IsPageCountValid
        get { return true; }


public override int PageCount
        if (pageCount == 0)
        return pageCount;

Use a private function ComputePageCount to do your page size calculations (breaking your page into the exact number of pages according to a single pageSize specified).

The key to all the page count computing capabilities here setting

IsPageCountValid = true

which would then always make sure the Paginator uses your overriden methods to calculate page counts.

A single page size can be specified by setting DocumentPaginator.PageSize property.

Take into account all Headers/Footers in every page. Mostly the blank/less pages are a result of wrong PageCount Calculations.

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