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Good JavaScript IDE with JQuery support ?

I am a Web Developer, working on Javascript and Jquery. Right now I am using EditPlus for development process. Faceing lots of difficulties.

Please let me know Best IDE for Javascript / Jquery.

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I would say the best IDE, that i've seen that works best with javascript is WebStorm (see simillar IDEs: PHPStorm if you are using PHP on server-side or Intellij IDEA if you develop on JAVA). They are not free, but they are great! Try them out.

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It's totally worth the 50 euro. I tried out every js IDE (about 10) a year ago, WebStorm was the winner by me. –  inf3rno Jan 31 at 3:19

My absolute favorite for all things programming so far is Komodo Edit its free, open source, has a bunch of plugins... and it isn't Eclipse. It has a native understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery (+a bunch of others)

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This is subjective, however, I prefer gedit, the default editor on Ubuntu and other Gnome-based operating systems. It has automatic indentation, a huge range of syntax highlighting, a tabbed interface, powerful tab settings, and many great plugins.

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