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I'm trying to write some Junit tests to test old classes in our app. The code is trying to load a ResourceBundle (for translations) but fails. I guess the problem is classpath related but I can't figure it out.

The code is laid out in /src and my tests are in /test. The ResourceBundles are loaded given a base name relative to /src, say, "foo/bar/baz".

My tests use the same classpath as the app itself, so I don't understand why it won't find the bundles.

Any ideas to what's wrong?

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Are your tests under a directory called /test? –  Asaph Sep 16 '10 at 13:45
If you temporarily change the relative path your ResourceBundles to an absolute one, does the problem go away? –  Asaph Sep 16 '10 at 13:46

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Resources are not resolved from the source folder but from the class directory. Are your resource files copied to the output folder (bin, target/classes etc.) ? If not, your classes can't find them.

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D'uh! Of course, my tests use another output directory than the app does. This is definately it. –  fiskeben Sep 17 '10 at 6:08

If you are using maven, you typically want to put all kind of properties files and resource bundles in a separate source folder called src/main/resources/.

If you want to override values in your unit tests then you can add a duplicate prop. file in the src/test/resources source folder.

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