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I am looking for a "lite" php framework like codeigniter that doesn't generate anything or make me follow conventions, etc. I have a lot of legacy databases to connect to and I don't know whether or not CI will be able to connect to them all so I thought I'd see if anything else is out there.

Again, not after anything that worries me to death about singular and plural names, makes me have a database in a certain fashion, or anything that gets in my way. No offense by that. I have other projects where that is just fine and I use RoR for that. I just don't want that here because if a framework is built around that like RoR is they tend to be difficult to use with existing legacy databases.

Thank you.

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CakePHP is the most popular.

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There's a fork of CodeIgniter called Kohana.

The connectivity to the legacy database shouldn't be an issue of the framework though, I guess it's more a PHP issue if the connection won't work.

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The Zend Framework might be your best bet:

Zend Framework is an open source, object oriented web application framework for PHP 5. Zend Framework is often called a 'component library', because it has many loosely coupled components that you can use more or less independently.

Since you can use the components independently, you will have more flexibility in choosing your models and data access. Be warned though, there is a steep learning curve.

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apparently Qcodo is supposed to be a lot like rails according to http://gadgetopia.com/post/4726

other than that (and symfony, Yii, and CakePHP) if you're comfortable with CI, do go for Kohana, as Cassey mentioned

You could also just use PEAR or some wrappers. if you have legacy databases I wonder if you might have older php/mysql tht it sits on, in which case a lot of the newer frameworks that are updated for the latest/greatest might not work for you anyway.

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I'd look at Kohana or Yii. Sure, Yii has scaffolding, but you don't HAVE to use that if you don't want to. Just as with Ruby on Rails.

Both are MVC frameworks that are very object oriented. How you connect to databases is totally up to you.

You can use the ORM in Kohana without following their naming conventions, you just have to let the Models know the name of your tables and primary keys (otherwise you have to follow the convention, of course).

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http://alternativeto.net/software/codeigniter/ Will give you a few alternatives.

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Check out Laravel. http://laravel.com/

It is really clean and well documented and has some really useful features which I didn't find in CodeIgniter or CakePHP which I previously worked on. I tried it out for one of my recent projects and I was really impressed !

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Thanks. I looked but didn't see anything for databases like Oracle and Sql Server. I also didn't see anything for Active Directory. –  johnny Jul 16 '12 at 14:09

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