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I'm developing in MVC2 using VB.NET and MySQL and ran into a problem trying to convert a simple SQL query to LINQ.

SQL Query:

SELECT Location_Number, sum(Column1) as totalC1, sum(Column2) as totalC2
FROM MyTable 
WHERE year = 2010 and month = 8
GROUP BY Location_Number 
ORDER BY Location_Number 

LINQ Query:

From r In MyTable _
Where r.Year = 2010 And r.Month = 8 _
Group r By LN = r.Location_Number Into l = Group _
Order By LN _
Select New With { _
  .Location_Number = LN, _
  .DepositCount = l.Sum(Function(r) r.Column1), _
  .OtherCount = l.Sum(Function(r) r.Column2) _

The error generated is:

An error occurred while executing the command definition. See the inner exception for details.

The inner exception is:

Unknown column 'GroupBy1.K1' in 'field list'

Here is the SQL generated by LINQ:

SELECT  `Project1`.`Location_Number`,   `Project1`.`C1`,   `Project1`.`C2`  
    SELECT  `GroupBy1`.`A1` AS `C1`,   `GroupBy1`.`A2` AS `C2`,   `GroupBy1`.`K1` AS `Location_Number`
    FROM (
            SELECT  Sum(`Column1`) AS `A1`,   Sum(`Column2`) AS `A2`  
            FROM `MyTable` AS `Extent1`  
            WHERE (`Extent1`.`Year` = @p__linq__0) AND (`Extent1`.`Month` = @p__linq__1)   
            GROUP BY   `Extent1`.`Location_Number`
    ) AS `GroupBy1`
) AS `Project1`   
ORDER BY   `Location_Number` ASC

Looking at that query its easy to spot whats causing the error. Simply, the most inner query only returns 2 columns, while the query right above it is trying to SELECT 3, thus the Unknown Column Error. So why is this happening? What is wrong with my LINQ query?

Thank you

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Tweaked your title, hope you don't mind. – Larsenal Sep 16 '10 at 20:09
not at all, anything that helps me get an answer is appreciated. – nisav Sep 17 '10 at 13:22
from my brief browsing around this looks like a bug with the mysql connector. I am having the same problem but when i remove the subquery, in my case count, your case sum it works fine. let me know if you figured this one out. – Luke Belbina Oct 14 '10 at 20:17
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It is a MySQL connector bug:

Is not fixed in last (6.3.5) version.

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Anyone has an update on this issue? – Remy Feb 1 '11 at 14:13
@Remy, Oracle team hasn't fixed the bug but you can 3rd party provider (for example, DevArt) – Idsa Feb 2 '11 at 6:01

Good news! That bug was fixed on 6.3.7 (see comments in

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Yes, it's a mySQL connector bug.

Try this:

Using context = New YourContext()
    Dim sql = "SELECT Location_Number, sum(Column1) as totalC1, sum(Column2) as totalC2 FROM MyTable WHERE year = @YEAR and month = @MONTH GROUP BY Location_Number ORDER BY Location_Number"
    Dim args = New DbParameter()
        New SqlParameter() With {Key .ParameterName = "YEAR", Key .Value = 2010}, New SqlParameter() With {Key .ParameterName = "MONTH", Key .Value = 8}
    Return context.ExecuteStoreQuery(Of MyTable)(sql, args).ToList()
End Using
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