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I know its probably possible, but is it practical and doable to try and geo-position someone using WiFi to triangulate...

Thinking if I was underground and didn't have access to GPS, could I setup WiFi spots around the place to help locate someone.

Or if I was on a plane or a train (which is constantly moving), could I setup WiFi spots around the place to help locate someone.

Where would I start in doing this? Is there software components/infrastructure? If not would it be possible to do this... i.e. at a router level add location information to the packets about which router the incoming message was coming from and then the server being able to pick up on this...

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This is exactly how the Skyhook database (built into many phones) works. It uses cell towers and WiFi points to triangulate the position in the absence of a GPS signal.

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Google also does this with their street view vans—they look for open wi-fi networks as they go, and record their positions.

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This is already widely available. Google the terms wifi location aware.

This is how laptop "Lo Jack" theft recovery systems work, for example.

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But doesn't this just locate you to an IP address, which is just a very rough locality and not very precise? Or is there an assumption of geo-coordinates associated with the hot spots? –  Brad Sep 16 '10 at 14:32
@Brad Yes, as I understand it, the precision is dependent on hitting known hotspots. I'm sure it isn't great outside of, say, San Francisco or New York. Nothing like GPS, where available. –  Jay Sep 16 '10 at 15:07

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