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I've got an HTML table that I'm trying to parse the information from. However, some of the tables span multiple rows/columns, so what I would like to do is use something like BeautifulSoup to parse the table into some type of Python structure. I'm thinking of just using a list of lists so I would turn something like



[['1,1', '1,2'],
 ['2,1', '2,2']]

Which I (think) should be fairly straightforward. However, there are some slight complications because some of the cells span multiple rows/cols. Plus there's a lot of completely unnecessary information:

    <td ondblclick="DoAdd('/student_center/sc_all_rooms/d05/09/2010/editformnew?display=W&amp;style=L&amp;positioning=A&amp;adddirect=yes&amp;accessid=CreateNewEdit&amp;filterblock=N&amp;popeditform=yes&amp;returncalendar=student_center/sc_all_rooms')"
       <a class="listdatelink" 
          href="/student_center/sc_all_rooms/d05/09/2010/edit?style=L&amp;display=W&amp;positioning=A&amp;filterblock=N&amp;adddirect=yes&amp;accessid=CreateNewEdit">Sep 5</a>

And what the code really looks like is even worse. All I really need out of there is:

<td rowspan="1">Sep 5</td>

Two rows later, there is a with a rowspan of 17. For multi-row spans I was thinking something like this:

  <td rowspan="2">Sep 5</td>
  <td>Some event</td>
  <td>Some other event</td>

would end out like this:

[["Sep 5", "Some event"],
 [None, "Some other event"]]

There are multiple tables on the page, and I can find the one I want already, I'm just not sure how to parse out the information I need. I know I can use BeautfulSoup to "RenderContents", but in some cases there are link tags that I need to get rid of (while keeping the text).

I was thinking of a process something like this:

  1. Find table
  2. Count rows in tables (len(table.findAll('tr'))?)
  3. Create list
  4. Parse table into list (BeautifulSoup syntax???)
  5. ???
  6. Profit! (Well, it's a purely internal program, so not really... )
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There was a recent discussion on the python group on linkedin about a similar issue, and apparently lxml is the most recommended pythonic parser for html pages.

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lxml has been a lot easier to use so far. – Wayne Werner Sep 16 '10 at 15:45

You'll probably need to identify the table with some attrs, id or name.

from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup

data = """

soup = BeautifulSoup(data)

for t in soup.findAll('table'):
    for tr in t.findAll('tr'):
        print [td.contents for td in tr.findAll('td')]

Edit: What should do the program if there're multiple links?


<td><a href="#">A</a> B <a href="#">C</a></td>
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