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I have to connect to lots of legacy databases and bring back the information for a single integrated page.

Will Zend let me do that "naturally" or is that something that can be done in Zend only as a "hack"?

Am I better off rolling my own for things like this kind of project and leaving frameworks out of the picture?


edit: most frameworks don't seem to cater to this. I often feel like I'm the only guy that needs to connect to a boatload of resources and put them in one page.

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There is no limitation on Zend to do that, you can use the database resource loader to load several instances of Zend_Db objects and use them at your disposal.

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You shouldn't have any problems. There's even a "multidb" resource plugin: Zend_Application_Resource_Multidb which sounds like it supports exactly your use-case.

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